Helen Phifer is the #1 Bestselling crime and horror novelist of the Annie Graham and Lucy Harwin series. Helen lives in a small town called Barrow-in-Furness with her husband and five children. She has lived in the same town since she was born. Surrounded by miles of coastline and not too far away from the beautiful Lake District. She has always loved writing and reading since the days she learnt how to in infant school. She loves reading books that make the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and make her afraid to go to the toilet, alone in the middle of the night. She is eternally grateful to Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert and Graham Masterton for scaring her senseless in her teenage years. Unable to find enough of the scary stories she loves to read, she decided to write her own.

Her debut novel The Ghost House was released October 2013 and introduced readers to police officer Annie Graham. It went on to be an Amazon #1 bestseller in Canada. It reached #1 on the Amazon Contemporary Horror Charts in both the UK and the US, pushing her idol Stephen King off his #1 spot many times. She was thrilled when the second book in the series The Secrets of the Shadows managed to push The Ghost House off its #1 spot even if it was a little surreal. This was followed by The Forgotten Cottage, The Lake House, The Girls in the Woods and The Face Behind the Mask.

The Good Sisters is a standalone old, fashioned horror story which Helen admits scared her so much when she was writing it that she couldn’t write once it got dark. Set in an abandoned convent it will definitely give you the chills.

March 2017 saw the publication of Dark House, a gripping psychological thriller which introduced readers to the dangerous world of Detective Inspector Lucy Harwin. Dying Breath and Last Light are books two and three in that series. 

The Haunting on West 10th Street is a supernatural thriller set on the streets of New York.

The Girl in the Grave featuring Forensic Pathologist Beth Adams is released 16th July 2019. 

Praise for Helen Phifer 

I am IN LOVE with this Annie Graham series! I can’t put them down or sleep at night when I am reading one. I also dread finishing them because I miss the story and characters so much. Nikkie xoxo

This is a book that I've been dying to read for a while and when the opportunity came I grabbed it. From the very first page I was pulled into this story and couldn't get back out. I paused only to sleep before picking it right back up again and devoured it like I was clearing a plate of my favourite food. Asylums, kids and grizzly murder scenes will guarantee my interest and the gifted storytelling ensured I was enthralled to the very end. The author has created characters that I genuinely care about and want to follow. Lucy is less than perfect and makes no apology for it but her dogged determination is admirable and her sidekick Mattie complements her brilliantly. I was kept guessing the whole way and the climax had me holding my breath until the very last page. Am now impatiently waiting for the second instalment in this fabulous new series. Angela Marsons, best selling writer of the Kim Stone Detective Series on Dark House.

The Girl in The Grave by Helen Phifer is a great first book in a new series featuring Forensic Pathologist Beth Adams and DS Josh Walker. I'm a massive Helen Phifer fan so I was super excited to read this one… I loved this book, the characters were so likable straight away I wanted to know more about them.  Helen has a way of writing that sucks you in on the first page and doesn't let you go until the climatic end.  The plot was fast paced and interesting, full of tension and suspense which kept me hanging on to every word.  I truly had a hard time putting this book it was really good. I totally recommend this book it was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I don't hesitate in giving it 5 stars it deserves it. Bonnie’s Book Talk, 5 stars

I don’t know what I love best about Helen Phifer’s books… it could be the edge-of-the-seat, frightened-to-turn-the-light-off, situations, or the way in which she uses her settings – from mystery houses set in the woods, to the brownstones of New York, to such great effect in her novels, that they could become characters in themselves. But I think most of all it’s the author’s characterisation that pulls me so deeply into her stories. Carys Connelly