• Helen Phifer

Where I Write And My Writing Life

When people ask, "Where do you get the time to write?" I thought it might be easier to show you how I do it.

I'm going to share the places I write with you and you'll get a glimpse into the life of this writer.

My Writing Essentials

I have a hectic life, sometimes even I despair of how busy it is.

Family, children, grandchildren, babies, work, life and writing can sometimes be a difficult mix to get right. For me family is everything, my world. However a very close second is my love of writing and it can be hard finding the balance between them both. It can be done, with a little or maybe a lot of determination. It all boils down to prioritising, spending quality time with my grandchildren is a top priority, meeting the next deadline for a book is also at the top of that list. Sometimes you have to say no, which is whole other blog post of it's own. I find I have to write whenever and wherever I can, I snatch moments of time whether I'm waiting in the car for someone to finish work or an appointment. The most essential tool for any writer is their trusty notebook and pen. It's all you need to be able to write, you don't need a charger or an internet signal. I find I write better when I sit on my own, open up a notebook and let the thoughts flow from my mind onto the page.

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