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Beach Hut Writing. I do like to be beside the seaside...........

Hello Dear Readers,

This weeks where I write is brought to you from the gorgeous seaside town of Lytham St Anne’s. Have you ever had a dream to visit a beach hut? I have, ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with them. I blame Enid Blyton for giving me unrealistic goals about idyllic childhood adventures. I was obsessed with The Famous Five and Kirrin Island. I longed to have a picnic in a quaint beach hut overlooking the golden sands and not quite so blue Irish sea. Thanks to the gorgeous Sophie from Costa who visited them for the day I got to know about them. Until I saw her fab Instagram photos from the beach hut I didn’t even know there were any not too far away.

I was sold, I searched the internet for St Anne’s Beach Huts and low and behold there they were. Quaint pastel coloured huts, all in a row overlooking the beach. I was smitten, I told Steve I wanted to visit and spend the day writing in one. He asked if he could come with me, I told him he could if he didn’t distract me too much.

We arrived at our beach hut for 10am exactly which was the time we had access to it. It was love at first sight, the row of huts were so pretty. Inside our hut which was number twelve I opened the door and squealed. There was a tiny kitchen area with running water, a microwave, a small table with a bench. Deckchairs to sit out on the small deck and everything else you needed to have a great day. I brought a picnic with me, tea and coffee were provided. It was heaven, it was hard to concentrate at first. I could have stared out to sea for hours, watching the dog walkers on the sands. Eventually though I tore my gaze away, made a mug of coffee and opened a packet of biscuits. Out came the laptop, my research books and a notebook and I began to type.

Despite Steve being there I was able to switch off and write. He did his very best not to disturb me, bless him. After a couple of hours we walked the short distance into the town to go buy coffee. Instant is good, but coffee shop latte’s are my go to drink. They fuel my writing, keep my brain focused and satisfy my caffeine need.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where there are beach huts I highly recommend hiring one for the day. I had a fabulous time, it was so relaxing and the fresh air was wonderful. We walked along the beach to blow the cobwebs away inbetween my bursts of creativity. I think this has to be one of my most favourite places I’ve been able to write in. It was such a fun experience I can’t wait to go back.

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